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UstLF is a licensing framework designed to control the behaviour of a software application on the client site. Application behaviour is described in a license file(s) issued by the licenser and installed on the target computer. Content of the license file is based on the features that are defined during application design/implementation phase. License file(s) dictates when, where and how these features will behave, will be enabled or disabled. This approach allows to build highly flexible marketing and sales solutions on the target application market. Here a brief list of available functionalities:

  • Define one or more licensed application features
  • Group features in feature sets and set the time periods when each feature set will be enabled.
  • Set feature data. Associate some additional data with a feature in a license file.
  • Create licenses that target specified range of application version(s) or release dates.
  • Create "node locked" licenses that are associated with a particular computer and/or user.
  • Create "floating" licenses that are stored on a special network license server and application acquires license from it from any computer over the network.
  • Define application instance count - specify the number of concurrent licensed applications running on a single computer or on the network.
  • Create complimentary licenses that can be allocated from one or multiple sources by a single application
  • Create “fixed” licenses that cannot be merged with previously issued licenses and automatically discard them
  • Hide sensitive information of an application using encrypted strings

Full description can be found in the User Manual PDF

All above mentioned functionality is highly and at the same time easily tunable. To make functioning safe and secure library employs several modern encryption and hashing algorithms. Licensing framework contains several executables, library and header files. There are several versions of library files available for different compilation models.
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