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UltraGram is an advanced visual parser generator that provides functionality for creating grammar of a parser, interpreter or compiler, extensively test it and generate parser source code in a preferred programming language.
Main advantages of the UltraGram are:

  • Simple and user-friendly Integrated Development Environment
  • Advanced diagnostics. Detailed information about all problems that happen in the parser development process
  • Parsing conflicts resolution. Clear and understandable graphical representation of all possible parsing conflicts
  • DFA graph. Visualization of the DFA graph in its conventional form
  • Run-Time diagnostics. Detection of runtime errors that can not be found during grammar development stage
  • Parsing error recovery. Advanced error detection and recovery mechanism
  • Full UNICODE and internationalization support
  • Multiple parsing algorithms. Full support for the following parsing algorithms: LALR(1), LR(1), GLR
  • Multiple target languages. Ability to generate parser code in several programming languages including: C++, Java, C#, VB.NET

Full description can be found in the User Manual PDF
Practical samples and techniques can be found in this  article
UltraGram offers some unique grammar features making it the perfect tool for creating sophisticated parsers. The fast and highly optimized parsing engine allows creation of small and fast parsers that meet all performance requirements in professional software development.
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